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D'Angelo Engineering designed & patented 12" Greasy Plate Assembly is the only fifth wheel of itís design which has owned the Australian market for over 40 years, and is still selling strong.

The 12in Greasy Plate Assembly has its advantages over the other stabilised assemblies (such as ballraces) to achieve ride heights up to 50mm lower. The D'Angelo 12in 'Greasy' also has a designed & patented 'Safety Blocks' to help with rollover situations, and are exclusive to D'Angelo Engineering.

The 12in Greasy Plate has three overall heights: 230mm Standard, 205mm Inverted and 180mm Super Low Profile.

Features of the 12in Greasy Plate Fifth wheel assembly
  • The Superlow 12" Greasy Plate is the lowest stabilised unit ever to be found in any market place, and achieves a 180mm overall height
  • Stock Crate
  • Tipper
  • Tanker
  • General Freight
  • D-Value: 165kN
  • Tare(Top Only): - kg
  • Vertical Load: 20000kg
  • ISO and Aust Standards
  • AS 1773-1990
  • ADR 62/01

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