Hydraulic Lift (Terminal Tractor) Fifth Wheel Hitch Title Bar
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This modified bottom assembly was created to enable Westgate trucks to lift trailers around the yard without having to raise/lower the landing legs.

The design, fully controllable from the cab, enables the hydraulic vertical lifting of both laden and unladen trailers and their subsequent movement. In addition, the fifth wheel is also able to be disengaged by pneumatic controls, again worked from the cab, making the trailer hitching procedure even quicker.

It all goes to make this hydraulic fifth wheel solution, another D'Angelo first, ideal for busy yards and warehouses where multiple trailers need to moved regularly. The conversion of an old or little used tractor unit is an attractive alternative to purchasing specialised vehicles such as Ottawa or Kalmar type terminal tractors.

The design, although of course fulfilling the requirements of Westgate trucks, is currently not road legal.

Features of the Hydraulic Lift (Terminal Tractor) Fifth Wheel

  • Lifts loaded and unloaded trailers
  • Cab controls
  • Pneumatic fifth wheel jaw lever for quick release
  • Enables rapid hitching and release
  • Gives terminal tractor functionality

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