Minimax - a fifth wheel for fifthwheelers, trucks and pick ups

Being a smaller version of D'Angelo's Maxi fifth wheel, the MiniMax offers many of the features usually exclusive to operators of prime movers to owners of utes (pick-ups, 4x4s or 4WDs) and small trucks that are required to hitch-up too.

D'Angelo have developed the MiniMax as a serious alternative to the traditional 'ball-type' coupling typically found on fifthwheelers, horse floats and other step-deck type trailers. The fifth wheel approach to hitching up these trailer types has a number of advantages over ball couplings including high stability, higher loads and greater pulling capacity.

Fifth Wheel Features
The higher stability is of obvious use for increasing control over the van or trailer on the road, especially when things get a bit bumpy, but also goes someway to reduce the influence of uneven loading on the 'feel' of the trailer when driving. As for strength, the MiniMax has a D-Value of 75kN, which is more than ample for most of the applications where it is indicated, but it only weighs 55kg - including bushes and pedestals! With these capabilities it is no surprise that the MiniMax has recently been awarded a CRN number by the DOTAR (Department of Transport and Regional Services) - the ONLY mini fifth wheel to receive certification in this market.

While based on its bigger brothers, the MiniMax has been thoughtfully designed with further features for its end users to enjoy: the release handle is placed kerbside to increase roadside safety and the fifth wheel uses a 'greaseless configuration' to keep things clean. In addition, many of the parts, such as the wear ring, saddles and top pads are replaceable.
Ford F350 pick-up fifth wheel for fifthwheeler Fifth Wheel Mounting
The MiniMax has a choice of mounting options available: the fifth wheel can be mounted on the deck of the ute or truck, or hung, inverted, on the trailer or fifthwheeler. In the latter configuration, the MiniMax can be then used in combination with D'Angelo's Folding Kingpin and this enables the kingpin to be hidden beneath a ute tray or tub when it is not in use for a truly clean look.

            Fifthwheeler hitch - The MiniMax
MiniMax Fifth Wheel Partners
As well as the Folding Kingpin, other partners for the MiniMax include the D'Angelo DropBox, which neatly replaces high pedestals and is simple, elegant spacer to bring an inverted MiniMax closer to the kingpin, and the Double Oscillator. The Double Oscillator is a new product that allows the fifth wheel to oscillate around two axis (front to back and side to side) and this reduces the forces that can be found in either the truck chassis, the van body - or both. As well as keeping cracks out of a cherished fifthwheeler or horse float, the Double Oscillator, in combination with the MiniMax, also improves stability and traction still further by keeping wheels that otherwise might be lifted by forces going through the coupling, on the ground.

D'Angelo Folding Kingpin for Pick-ups and utes
D'Angelo Double Oscillator for Fifth Wheels
D'Angelo DropBox spacer for fifthwheeler or horse float

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