Sundries Title

D'Angelo stock a wide range of grease, oils and other sundries from top quality manufacturers. For more information and latest products contact our sales team on 03 9369 0633.

Available Accessories

  • Valvoline Optimum Choice - high end grease
  • Valvoline Plex M - longlife grease
  • Valvoline EP - for extreme protection
  • Valvoline Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Valvoline DOT4 Performance Brake Fluid
  • Valvoline HD Coolant - 5L for heavy duty diesel engines
  • Valvoline Super Diesel Oil - 5L premium low ash 15W-40 oil
  • Valvoline Ultramax 68 - 5L premium ISO 168 hydraulic oil
  • Valvoline Diesel Extra - 5L 15W-40 heavy duty oil


All Parts and Accessories:

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