Truck Bodies - Landing Legs from D'Angelo

Landing Legs from D'Angelo

They come either as a standard pair with a lifting capacity of 25t or a single leg for tag type trailers rated at 15t. The standard pair is comprised of a geared and un-geared leg and the single leg is geared for a smooth lifting action.

The standard pair has an assembly height of 980mm when fitted with a pad-type foot and can travel a further 480mm through the two-speed internal gearbox. The static load limit for these landing legs is a generous 80t. The single leg assembly height is lower at 760mm, again with the pad foot in place, and is useful for small tag-type trailers usually used for small machinery and equipment. In addition, all D’Angelo landing legs come with the industry standard mounting pattern.

Options for a D'Angelo Landing Legs from D'Angelo

  • Three foot options: half-moon, pad and compensating.
  • Two-speed gearing
  • 20t lifting and 80t static load for standard pair
  • 480mm of travel on 90mm assembly height (standard pair)
  • 760mm assembly height and 15t lifting capacity (single leg)

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